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Never Consent to a Search. Here is Why.

Understanding and asserting your rights is not about disrespecting the police. It is about being an American. These rights are the foundation of freedom in America, and they get weaker whenever we fail to exercise them. Again, do not ever consent to a search. Just say “no!”

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K9s As Search Warrants

But when all is said and done, fact-of-the-matter is, if a cop has a K9 as search warrant with him and he wants to search your car, your car will be searched. So be prepared. And maybe have your lawyer on speed dial.

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10 Outrageous Tactics Police Use Against You

There are many more outrageous tactics in their unethical bag of tricks but the problem is that most Americans refuse to believe it, until their civil rights are violated. And if you are sitting there thinking that it could never happen to you, just give them time, eventually they will get to you.

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Police Killings Continue – Body Count 2018: 170

The Swearing in Process, one understands as good as the other

The Swearing in Process, one understands as good as the other

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The Statue of Liberty in a Police State