Dustin Castillo, 19, died on the main lanes of Loop 410 near San Pedro Avenue during a pursuit by San Antonio Police Officers. He as shot and killed by San Antonio Police Officer Paul Armendariz after a slow speed chase on a BMX bicycle.

Dustin’s confrontation with police started in a Target store where he allegedly stole a BMX bicycle.

High Speed Chase, Not

Police Chief William McManus claimed that Castillo “evaded security and rode the bike on the Northwest Loop 410 highway, with three police cars in pursuit.”

There are many conflicting stories coming out about this killing but this much is known.

Dustin Castillo, 19-years-old, shot and killed by a police officer

Dustin Castillo, 19-years-old, shot and killed by a police officer

Dustin managed to get onto the freeway by riding a red and blue Schwinn Falken 20-inch bicycle, valued at $109.99, he had stolen from Target. Three police cars followed him in slow pursuit.

The police report states that Dustin rode across the highway into the fast lane, darting in front of vehicles.

Donkey Carts

How fast are the fast lanes in San Antonio where a special needs teenager can dart in front of cars while riding a BMX? Even during the slow O.J. Simpson chase this was not possible. What do they drive in San Antonio, donkey carts?

One of the assisting officers finally managed to block Dustin’s escape route. Then he got out of his vehicle and forced Dustin to the ground. This cop noted in his report that he hit the teen to avoid being struck by him.

And then, Police Chief William McManus claims, Dustin Castillo pulled out a knife that was “certainly big enough to kill someone,” and cut Officer Paul Armendariz’s left hand.

Armendariz, a 15-year-veteran, didn’t like that. Not one bit. His response was to pull out his service weapon and shoot Dustin dead. Shot him dead in the middle of the freeway with a bullet to the abdomen.

EMS Dustin Castillo pronounced dead at the scene at 6:15 pm.

Do What?

The officers did exactly what they were supposed to do,” Chief McManus said.

Police Chief William McManus

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus

Ok, Chief, what were they suppose to do? Shoot a special needs teenager dead in the middle of a busy highway during rush hour?

Is that what they were supposed to do? Kill a teenager?

Granted, the kid broke the law and was in the wrong, but did he need to be shot down like a dog?

What about Tasers? You had all those cops surrounding him and no one had the presence of mid to subdue him with a Taser?

In this day and age where cops even taser 61-year-old grandmothers in the back, why couldn’t you people Taser a 19-year-old?

There have been a lot of critics about Dustin on social media for being out alone and unattended due to his mental deficiencies. The criticisms are debatable, for sure, but having special needs and being out alone and not under the supervision of a guardian is not legal grounds for killing someone. It’s just not moral. And morals are something a lot of cops are lacking.

Chief McManus Still Under Investigation. Feb 8, 2018. The actions of Police Chief William McManus on December 23, 2017, are still under investigation by the Texas Attorney General. On that night, in possible violation of established procedures and State and Federal law pertaining to suspected human smuggling and trafficking cases, the Chief released twelve undocumented immigrants into the City of San Antonio without properly and thoroughly identifying them.

Another Hero


Officer Paul Armendariz. No picture available, yet.

Officer Paul Armendariz. No picture available, yet.

Why did Officer Paul Armendariz and an unnamed lieutenant rush the kid and get close enough to be knifed? Isn’t there some kind of procedure to make sure a suspect is not armed before rushing him? Or did those two cops want to wrestle him to the ground and get the ‘Hero of the Day Award’?


Then they could go home and have great sex with their wifes. Is that why?

The problem we at The American Police State have with all this is that the San Antonio Police Department has not yet released any Body Camera footage from the incident, which occurred on Jan. 25, 2017. And we have yet to see any photos of this knife Chief William McManus claimed was ‘big enough to kill‘.

A god-damn toenail cleaning knife is ‘big enough to kill‘ if you use it correctly.

So what’s the deal on that? Are they still trying to iron out their stories to get one that flies in the face of public scrutiny?

Speaking Out

Now Dustin’s mother is speaking out. Peggy Sue Castillo told KENS5 News that because of his disabilities, Dustin was “slow to process information” and may not have understood why he was being chased. “That could have made him confused and scared” when confronted by police.

“He didn’t know how to read or write. He was only on a second-grade level. He was special needs. He had an intellectual disability,” Peggy Sue Castillo said.

She admits that her son may not have done everything right, but wishes the officers pushed for a non-lethal solution before killing him in the middle of a highway.

“My son was at fault in some ways, he was, but at the same time, there always has to be other ways of doing things,” Castillo said. “I just wish that they would learn more about special need kids because not every kid shows a disability. Not everybody walks around with a wheelchair or a cane in their hand.”

Cure For Mental Illness

True. Very true. And American cops still don’t recognize this. Or they don’t want to recognize this. They still very much cure mental illnesses with bullets. And that’s a fact.

Castillo also said she does not believe the official story from police about what happened.

American police are quick to cure mental illness with a bullet

American police are quick to cure mental illness with a bullet

And neither do we. The American Police State knows from experience that police lie and cheat whenever it suits their purposes or to make themselves look good.

Because of her son’s small height and weight she believes the officers could have gained control of her son by Tasering him.

To be shot is something I will never forget. Why didn’t they Taser him? My son was only 110 pounds. He was only 5’2″. You have three officers on the scene. You can’t tell me you couldn’t do something,” Castillo said.

Yes, true, they could have but they didn’t.

A cop can shoot you dead any time he wants, make up a lie about it, and everyone will believe him.

Drawing Blood

And they didn’t do that because Officer Paul Armendariz got too close to the fire and Dustin cut Paul’s left hand. And cutting a police officer, or even drawing blood from one, is grounds for killing a person. Right away. Right then and now. There is no appeal process.

Scene of the crime, where Dustin Castillo was killed by Officer Paul Armendariz

Scene of the crime, where Dustin Castillo was killed by Officer Paul Armendariz

Ain’t that right, Paul?

Killing with impunity is what they call it. They being the police forces, prosecutors, and judges throughout the country.

Dustin Castillo was a Special Olympics athlete who graduated from high school. He volunteered with his church and at the local food bank. His mother says he had “a very special heart for everybody, no matter what,” and always thought of others.

SAPD Chief McManus’ declaration that the officers who killed Dustin Castillo “did exactly what they were supposed to do” told us a lot about his mentality.

No Accountability

In police speak, this means that Officer Paul Armendariz will not be held accountable for his actions. He can enjoy his paid administrative leave without worry.

It also shows us that the San Antonio Police Department is not working with their officers to help them understand people with special needs.

But then, why should they?

It’s obvious they do not care or have compassion for people with special needs or those that have mental issues. Until someone forces the department to train their officers, and then punish those officers who mistreat people with special needs, why should they care?

Punish, is the keyword. By punishing we do not mean sending someone on a paid administrative leave. That is a paid vacation and not punishment.

Five Days Later

Castillo said that it was not until five days after the shooting that police contacted her to tell her that they had killed her son. She noted that this was strange because Dustin was carrying his wallet at the time of his killing, which contained his identification and address.

About the only thing we can say to that is it does take some time to create a believable fairy tale. If they wanted it done sooner they would have had to hire the Brothers Grimm.


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