Watch this video and see who is a good cop. Certainly not Officer Akinyemi Borisade.

A Good Cop?

Jacksonville, FL — Mayra Martinez, 31, had a bad first day on the job. That afternoon she became drunk, quit, and refused to leave. The police were called.

Officer Akinyemi Borisade beating a handcuffed woman to a pulp

Officer Akinyemi Borisade beating a handcuffed woman to a pulp

Her day would go from bad to horrifying.

When police arrived at the bar they arrested Martinez and charged her with trespassing and resisting.

According to the police report, Martinez was drunk and belligerent when two cops showed up to remove her from the property. One of those cops was Officer Akinyemi Borisade, 26.

When they tried handcuffing her she tried to kick and bite them. But since she was much smaller than them, they easily overpowered her.

Duval County jail

Martinez was then transported to the Duval County jail. Things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Video released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office shows Martinez attempt to walk over to the officers before Officer Akinyemi Borisade grabbed slammed her into the wall.

After being slammed into the wall by Borisade, he then unleashed a fury of fists to the head and face of Martinez after her foot grazed his pant leg.

“He could have turned her around and held her in a transporting position that they are trained in back over to the location to wait by the door,” Undersheriff Pat Ivey said. “He could have stood there with her, but there was no need to strike her.”

Oedipus complex

Yes, duh, we all know that. There is never a reason to strike a handcuffed woman unless you have some kind of Mommy complexes. Right, Akinyemi?

Officer Akinyemi Borisade beating Martinez in the parking lot before beating her in the Duval County Jail

Officer Akinyemi Borisade beating Martinez in the parking lot before beating her at the Duval County Jail

But since we broached this subject, Akinyemi, do you beat your women like this too? If you can do this to a stranger, we can only imagine what you would do to someone you know intimately.

After standing there and watching Officer Akinyemi Borisade beat the devil out of a restrained and incapacitated woman, the officers reported Borisade. Maybe there was a good cop present? Maybe?

Wow, guys, that took a lot of balls. But how come you didn’t prevent her ass-whipping, you bunch of pussies?

On Thursday, the JSO announced that he had been fired and charged with battery.

Even more disturbing than watching Borisade beat that woman is seeing the cops just watching the show. Typical of American police officers nowadays.

Great Sex

So, as ‘Killology‘ police trainer Dave Grossman likes to say, we wonder if they all went home that night and had great sex with their wives?

“They could have moved in. One officer did at least walk over and put his hand on the officer to stop him from continuing to punch the suspect. So I’m glad one officer did take action,” Gil Smith, News4Jax crime and safety analyst, said. “Now in this particular situation, these other officers do have a person who is handcuffed. So they do have to keep a watch on him. If they engage with this officer no one is watching the prisoner.”

Quit making excuses, Gil. What they did is just not right. Period.

Crime and Punishment

Borisade, 27, pleaded no contest to a charge of simple battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, in the April beating of Mayra Alejandra Martinez, 31. He was sentenced to one day he’d already served in jail, told to have no contact with the victim and assessed a combined $655 in fines and fees. Martinez’s attorney, John Phillips, called the plea deal “ridiculous.” 

But, the officers certainly were not watching the handcuffed prisoner as they were fixated on watching Borisade beat Martinez to a pulp — not to mention the other prisoner was in a jail and in handcuffs, and he was watching it too. And if he tried to run, he would have quickly been caught or shot.

The only officer not at fault in this situation is the one who walked up to Borisade and put his hand on his shoulder to stop him. So says News4Jax.

Ivey said because Borisade is a probationary officer, he can’t appeal his firing. But he can ask for a name-clearing hearing with JSO. If he passes that he would regain the ability to be an officer with another agency.

Gypsy Cops

The so-called famous band of Gypsy Cops that travel across the country bouncing around from one police department to the other. And we just know he’ll have his name cleared and he’ll join that infamous band just like Terry Mahan did.

If history is any indicator, this will be swept under the rug and Borisade will be quietly hired on with another agency. True. 100% true. Good cops are hard to find.

As New4Jax points out, Borisade should have never been a cop in the first place as he had a criminal record. When he was 19-years-old, reports show he took items into a dressing room from a store at the Regency Square Mall and came out without them and tried to leave the store without paying.

The report shows he admitted to doing it. He later pleaded no contest.

Well, all in a day’s work. Officer Akinyemi Borisade is now on our watch list.

The next time he beats someone or kills someone with impunity, we’ll post it here.


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