Georgia Sheriff Jeff Hobby, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students in a Gestapo style raid


At 8 a.m. on April 14, a Gestapo style raid took place at the Worth County High School. The campus went on lockdown and neither the teachers nor the students at the south Georgia high school knew what was happening, or why.

Worth County Sheriff’s Office

For four hours the entire staff of the Worth County Sheriff’s Office of 40 uniformed officers spread out through the school and ordered students against the walls of classrooms and hallways and demanded that they give up their cellphones.

Without cellphones, the students could not film the raid nor call their parents or guardians for help.

Illegal search reenactment

Illegal search reenactment

According to court documents, 900 students were searched in a drug sweep led and ordered by Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

The sheriff did not have a warrant. What Jeff Hobby did have was a “target list” of 12 suspected drug users. Only three of those suspects were in school that day.

Not very good planning and practically no intelligence on what was happening that morning, right Jeff?

What’s that all about, Jeff? Give us a hint. You all just sitting around the station drinking coffee and shooting the shit? Nothing really happening? So you all decided to go raid the high school? Dumbass.

By noon, when cellphones were handed back and classes resumed. No drugs had been found.

Legal Consequences

Sheriff Hobby is not a smart man. His raid would yield legal consequences for him and his department and make him a national poster boy for

No thanks, not for this guy that's for damn sure

No thanks, not for this guy, that’s for damn sure

bad policing.

In the days following the raid, students came forward claiming they had been inappropriately groped and manhandled by deputies.

We believe them. This is what cops do whenever they are in a situation they can take advantage of, such as the raid at Worth County High School.

Sheriff Jeff Hobby Indicted

A grand jury indicted Hobby and two deputies for their part in the illegal raid. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sheriff Jeff Hobby faces charges of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and violation of oath of office.

Norman Crowe Jr., Hobby’s attorney, came quickly to the sheriff’s rescue, stating that: “The sheriff’s position is that he’s not guilty. The sheriff was at the school for the raid but personally did not touch students. He’s committed no crime.”

That’s a very laughable excuse, Norman. But it’s better than no excuse, right?

When controversy broke, Hobby gave an off-camera interview to WALB. He said the searches were legal because school administrators were present.

Well, ahem, no, not really. Police apologists might believe that but no one else will.

Fairy Tales

On April 18, Sheriff Jeff Hobby kept telling ‘Fairy Tales’ in an effort to clear himself and justify his illegal raid…“ the weeks leading up to April 14, the Sheriff’s Office received information and complaints from the citizens of Worth County regarding illegal drugs at the high school. The Sheriff contacted the Superintendent of the Worth County School District and the Principal of the high school to inform them of the situation and the Principal and the Sheriff agreed on the day of the pat down.”

Worth County Sheriff's patrol car

Worth County Sheriff’s patrol car

School officials, however, have countered the idea they were willing participants in Hobby’s plans.

“We did not give permission but they didn’t ask for permission,” Interim Worth County Superintendent Lawrence Walters told WALB after the raid. “He just said, the sheriff, that he was going to do it after spring break.”

Really? You mean the sheriff lied? Again.

“I don’t think anybody in the school system had any idea that it would be of the nature of what actually happened,” Tommy Coleman, a lawyer for the school district, told The Washington Post in June. “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve never heard of anybody doing that kind of thing.”

Sexual Shenanigans

The class-action lawsuit — filed on behalf of nine unnamed students — detailed allegations of groping during the school search. One student

Sheriff Jeff Hobby in happier times

Sheriff Jeff Hobby in happier times

recounted that a deputy “looked down the back and front” of the student’s dress, then “slid her hands” over her pelvic area and “cupped” the student’s “vaginal area and buttocks,” according to the legal complaint.

Another male student recounted a deputy “moving his fingers back and forth” from his pockets to his groin, the lawsuit stated. The deputy’s fingertips touched the student’s “penis and testicles, over clothes, four to five times.”

A third student recounted how a deputy “reached up under” her shirt, “lifted her bra, and touched her bare breasts, including her nipples.”

Actually, there are lots of sex perverts and sex predators working as cops and deputies. We have documented several cases in this blog so don’t think that it doesn’t happen.

One of the teenagers in the suit told The Washington Post: The deputy “came up under my privates and then he grabbed my testicles twice,” the student said. “I wanted to turn around and tell him to stop touching me. I wanted it to be over and I just wanted to call my dad because I knew something wasn’t right.”

More Fairy Tales

Following the outcry, Hobby acknowledged in his April statement that “one of the deputies had exceeded the instructions given by the Sheriff and conducted a pat down of some students that were more intrusive than instructed.”

Yeah, no shit. And you just finding that out, Jeff?

Sheriff Jeff Hobby said “corrective action” was taken — but the office has not publicly offered further detail.

Sorry, we don’t believe that one bit. Just another cop ‘Fairy Tale’ put out to sooth cop apologists and naive members of the public.

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) – Suspended Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby turned himself in at the sheriff’s office Tuesday morning, where he was arrested and charged with influencing witnesses, obstructing law enforcement officers, and violation of oath of office, according to Tift Circuit District Attorney Paul Bowden. These charges stem from an ongoing investigation after the controversial drug search in April at Worth County High School.

The grand jury indicted two deputies along with Sheriff Jeff Hobby: Tyler Turner faces one felony count of violation of oath of office and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery. Deidra Whiddon was indicted on one count of violation of oath of office.

Local prosecutors also announced this week copies of the indictment would be sent to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. Governor Deal has the legal authority to suspend Hobby. The Journal-Constitution reported the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council has already suspended the law enforcement certifications of Hobby and his deputies.

Time To Man Up

Jeff, face the truth. You blew it. And you suck as a sheriff. You done proved that to everyone who knows you.

The best thing you can do for everyone involved is to quit and disappear.

So we won’t even say anything about one of your deputies expressing concerns about the search methods used during the search, and you ignoring her. Or that you even witnessed this deputy conducting a search in the manner you did not describe and you did nothing to stop it.

Yoo, Sheriff Jeff Hobby, again, own your mistakes and quit like a real man would.

And we won’t mention that the GBT accusses you of interfering with an investigation into your son’s recent drug arrest. And that he was housed in the Worth County jail instead of being transferred to a jail not under your supervision.

And next time, when you sitting around with nothing to do, just lock yourself in the bathroom and masturbate. You won’t get into any trouble for doing that.



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Worth County High School, Georgia

Worth County High School, Georgia.