Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Bartlesville Police shot and killed a 72-year-old woman during a raid on her home in the 1600 block of SW Maple.

According to her 50-year-old son, who was arrested on drug charges during the raid, Geraldine Townsend was sleeping when Bartlesville Police entered. She woke up, grabbed a pellet gun, and shot at the cops—and one of the cops shot back.

Gunshot Wound

Geraldine Townsend, the 72-year-old woman who was shot, was transported to the hospital where she died from the gunshot wound to her chest.

A spokesperson with the Bartlesville Police Department says their officers don’t usually wear body cameras, but one officer had his cell phone attached to his chest. The body camera footage of the altercation is blurry, but the audio is revealing.

The raid began in the dark, at 9:30 p.m.

Officers knocked on the door and said, “police department, search warrant.”

Bartlesville Police Department said six officers originally went to the house to serve a search warrant for the suspected sale of illegal drugs. Four officers went into the house and encountered Mike Livingston, 50, who was the suspect involved in the search warrant.

Distributing Marijuana

Townsend’s son, Mike Livingston

Townsend’s son, Mike Livingston

When they entered the resident Townsend’s son, Mike Livingston, surrendered.

Livingston warned the officers, “That’s my mother, man.” An officer is heard to shout “put that fucking gun down!” presumably at Geraldine Townsend, who fires. Livingston insists “it’s a BB gun” as additional shots ring out. About 10 seconds elapsed since the cops entered the house.

Over the next few minutes, you can hear Livingston repeatedly saying, “You killed my mother, it was a BB gun.”

One of the officers then snaps at him, “She shot me, shut up!”

Blam, I Fucking Shot Her

The officer who shot Townsend explains his actions to the officer wearing the body camera: “I fucking saw her pointing that fucking gun. It looked like she stopped and shot Steven, and then I come back around to cover him, she pointed it at me again and then, blam, I fucking shot her.”

Two of the officers suffered minor injuries, Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hastings told local reporters.

Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hastings

Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hastings

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations will look into whether there was any wrongdoing on the part of the officers. The agency may well conclude that the officers had cause to shoot Townsend since she fired a weapon at them.

Oklahoma is a failed state. So it will come as no surprise to us when the officers will be cleared of any wrongdoing. As they always are.

Gestapo Tactics

But where is the logic in conducting the raid at night, when no one can see anything, with Bartlesville police shouting “put the fucking gun down” at a confused, half-asleep old woman?

The logic in conducting the raid at night is simple. It is to daze and confused the suspects, catch them off guard. It is a tactic that the KGB and Gestapo perfected. American police then imported it into the USA.

Police put her in a position where she might have reasonably thought she was fighting for her life against robbers, giving her no choice but to fire and leaving them with no choice but to retaliate with deadly force—all to bust her son for selling some weed.

The name of the Bartlesville Police officer who shot and killed the 72-year-old woman has not yet been released.


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