Corrections Deputy Paul Wagner fired for slamming a handcuffed inmate onto the floor and breaking the inmate’s nose and teeth.


Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

Jun 2017. Manatee Fl: The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reported that, Paul Wagner, 32, was fired for unlawful conduct and use of excessive force. Paul is a seven-year veteran and is appealing his termination.

Deputy Paul Wagner, Skinhead

Deputy Paul Wagner, Skinhead

Apparently, he does not think he used excessive force and wants his job back. He will have a hearing in front of the Career Service Board on July 27.

The 11-day investigation began on June 26. A capias request recommending a charge of felony battery was sent to the State Attorney’s Office. A prosecutor will review the case and then decide if he should be formally charged.

We can’t help but think that former deputy


The incident started when Wagner and two other deputies did a “shakedown” at one of the dorms at the Manatee County jail. They found a cache of oranges belonging to inmate Andrew Pryce and took them, without asking. Pryce became a bit distraught at having his oranges stolen by the deputies and confronted Deputy Mecca about it.

Deputies Mecca and Wagner could not care less what some inmate thinks. They each took control of an arm and escorted him out of the dorm. Pryce continued to berate them for his stolen oranges.

Deputy Canfield handcuffed Pryce’s hands behind his back. The three deputies then escorted Pryce into the hallway outside the dorm with Deputy Paul Wagner in physical control of him, and Deputies Canfield and Mecca following.

Internal Affairs

The internal affairs report says that when Pryce turned to say something to one of the other deputies, Wagner pushed his chest first into the hallway wall. He then pushed Pryce along the wall to a blackened out window.

Confidential Informants (C.I.s) These are mystical figures police officers use to justify their actions and as grounds for a search warrant. They fall in the same category as Unicorns, Leprechauns and Good Cops.

After the two exchanged a few words, Wagner picked up the still handcuffed Pryce, spun him around and then slammed him onto the floor face first. The impact broke Pryce’s nose and some of his teeth.

Yoo, Paul, that was a very thug thing of you to do. Don’t you stop and think over the consequences of your actions, or you do like some dumb animal that does whatever feels right at the moment?

Disciplined Twice

During his time as a deputy former deputy Paul Wagner has been disciplined twice. In 2011 he was suspended one day without pay for failing to report an incident with use of restraint with an inmate. And in 2013 he was issued a letter of reprimand after he failed to report a pair of missing scissors at the jail.

Paul, did you take those home with you?

Deputies Mecca and Wagner standing around watching

Deputies Mecca and Wagner standing around watching

But, he also has some commendations in his personnel file and was actually nominated for deputy of the month back in 2013 for preventing an inmate’s suicide.

Former Deputy Paul Wagner also had a brief stint with the sheriff’s office from 2004 to 2005. He held a civilian position at the jail as a control room operator.

Paul, we here at The American Police State don’t care how many recommendations you have in your personal file. You have no business working in law enforcement after that stunt. Only thugs slam a man, with his hands cuffed behind his back, face first onto the floor.

Properly Trained?

Where did you learn stuff like that, at home?

And if you wanted oranges that bad they grow all over the place. Just look out your car window on your way to and from work.

Jeez, Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?


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