If there is no national screening and requirements we will have more and more sexual predator police officers endangering the public and getting away with it.

The way it is now, anyone who has not been convicted of murder, armed robbery or rape can wear a badge and terrorize a community with impunity.

National Standard Needed

We need some kind of national standard for applicants to meet and pass before they become a cop with any police department. Those in place now are just no good, as seen by the many headlines of police officers being busted for a variety of crimes – from sexual molestation all the way up to 1st-degree murder.

Because of the nature of local policing, and the pool of available people who want to join a local police force, the bar doesn’t have to be that high. But there should be some kind of bar designed to defend the public from predators and killers wearing a badge.

At the minimum, all applicants need to be psychologically screened. They also need to attend an anger management course before attending the academy – if that police force even has an academy.

Both of those requirements need to be applied on a yearly basis once an applicant becomes a police officer.

Wife Beaters

Any convictions for assault and battery needs to be a disqualifying factor.

The same goes for someone who beats his wife or girlfriend. We do not need cops who hit girls. There are more than enough in uniform already.

As it is now, way too many cops are getting busted for sex crimes. And those are only the ones we know about. There are many more that are never publicized. Only the most blatant of cases get called out and the cop arrested.

The Department of Justice can, and should, publish a guideline for hiring police. And see that it is enforced. Again, because of the low caliber of person wanting to be a police officer, the rules do not have to be that strict, but there should be some kind of rules.

Now, more than ever, the American public needs to be protected from sexual predator police officers. And all other types of criminals now wearing a badge.