1188 people killed in 2017

In 2017 police officers killed at least 1188 people that we know about.

There were very few mass protests or candlelight vigils.

All of those killings were declared justifiable.

In the USA, cops are expected to kill people. It is just something they just do.

And very few people complain about cop killings, because:

1. Only criminals are gunned down in the streets.

2. The officer was in fear for his life.

3. It was a justifiable killing.

Who gets to say if it is a justifiable killing?

The police have a say.

Prosecutors have a say.

District Attorneys have a say.

But you do not have a say about police killing people.

You are expected to nod your head ok, swallow what they say, and move along like the good little citizens they want you to be while they continue to kill with impunity.