“Fearing for the deputy’s life, the assisting deputies fired at the suspect, John Berry,” read a statement released shortly afterward.

July 6, 2015. Lakewood, CA

Cops Say They Needed to Kill John Berry

It is a sad case of affairs when police in the USA still use guns and bullets to combat and cure mental illness.

John Berry memorial

John Berry memorial

As you can see in this video, when the police couldn’t get their way with the driver of the car, John Berry, 33 years old, they turned into a pack of killers and shot into his car over 50 times.

You can rightfully call this ‘Cops doing a Gang-Bang.’

And they are still using that same, worn out excuse — ‘fearing for the deputy’s life’

That’s bullshit. To us, it looks like they wanted to use Berry for target practice. If not, why shoot over 50 times into him and his car? Four officers did the shooting. Looks like a ‘Bad Boys Day Out’.


Susan Berry was worried about her son’s behavior, so she called authorities to receive a medical evaluation. Instead of medical evaluation, however, her son John Berry, received a pack of assassins.

Berry suffered from a mental illness that was diagnosed a couple years ago. He was given a prescription for medication and seemed to adjust well, according to a family member. He got a job as the manager of a pizzeria and made time to play tennis and go for hikes.

“He was unarmed. Didn’t do anything wrong. Hadn’t violated any laws. Wasn’t a danger to anybody,” attorney Steve Carlson said.

The deputies who arrived were immediately aggressive and escalated the situation, Chris Berry, John’s brother, said. He said he watched as they unleashed pepper spray, shot his brother with a Taser at least four times and struck him with batons. His brother, he recalled, looked stunned and cried, “What did I do wrong?”

What Did He Do Wrong?

He had mental health issues, that’s what he did wrong. Everyone should know by now not to call the police when a person is having mental issues. They are more likely to shoot and kill the person than to offer help.

Berry’s death has angered a close-knit neighborhood where longtime residents know one another’s children and

Cops shooting John Berry to death

Cops shooting John Berry to death

grandchildren. They often talk about the shooting, attempting to understand an event that left shattered glass and blood on their street.

“Just, how could this happen?” Carter said. “And how did it progress so fast?”

It happened because the cops just do not care. That’s how it happened. And until police departments start hiring a better caliber of person to wear a badge it will continue to happen.

“I just wish they had better training. He didn’t hurt anybody. He didn’t do anything that day,” sister Melissa Berry said.

“They said he accelerated and crashed into the police car. That did not happen — I was there for the whole thing,” Chris Berry said. “But they have to say that because it justifies their aggressive actions. I believe in my heart and I know Johnny wasn’t trying to hurt them.”

Body Cameras Turned Off

The Guardian reported that, although the officers involved were wearing body cameras, they weren’t turned on.

Figures, they usually keep them off when doing target practice or when they smell blood.

Here are the names of the cops who did the killing:

Officer Involved Shooting of John Berry
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Anthony Johnson, #522015
Deputy Michael Bitolas, #527451
Deputy Roberto Solorio, #476816
Deputy Eric Saavedra, #548800
J.S.I.D. File #15-0338

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