We found the following propaganda on the Internet published as: ‘6 invisible signs’ that someone is resisting a police officer‘.


We figure that the author is a cop, was a cop, or has a son or daughter on some police force. After reading this, it is beyond our comprehension on what some people will publish in an attempt to excuse police officer from beating someone.

Now the common saying is: ‘…but you didn’t see what happened before the video’.

We don’t care nor do we need to know about what happened before the video, it is irrelevant and unimportant.

There is no excuse for beating someone who is subdued, passive, handcuffed, or not resisting, no matter how so-called important the ‘before the film’ is or how loud the cop screams out ‘Stop Resisting!’

But the police always find an excuse for their misconduct and are backed up by their enablers.

5 phrases a cop will never say — please. thank you. sorry. you’re welcome. excuse me.

6 invisible signs

Listed below are the 6 invisible excuses that police use to assault and batter someone. Only the police officers involved in an incident can see these invisible excuses because they are endowed with special powers.

1. Subtle Hand Movements
2. Whispered Threats
3. Tightening Muscles
4. Changes in Breathing
5. Crowd Behavior
6. Known History

But we have special powers, too, and have added the most important invisible sign that only the police, and we, can see and know about:

7. Didn’t kiss ass fast enough


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