The Gresham, Oregon SWAT Raid took place on Sep. 2104 and the locals are still talking about it.

Lawful Orders

“Stay Inside!”

“Stay away from your windows!”

“These are lawful orders!”

Here comes trouble

Here comes trouble

So said the Gresham, Oregon Police through their loudspeakers at 4 am.

But then, what’s the difference between a lawful and an unlawful order? And knowing that cops start to lie as soon as they open their mouths, how can we be sure this is truly a lawful order?

The person filming this while standing on his own property was arrested for exercising his 1st Amendment right, something cops do not like.

Then the cops told the man filming them to: “You go inside right now…it’s a lawful order…go inside right now.”

Then they threatened to arrest him for ‘interfering’.

Arrested For Interfering

Interfering, in this case, means standing on his property and watching what they were doing. They had to have something to hide or they would not have been so insistent for everyone not to watch them. And those that did watch were arrested.

So the only thing he was ‘interfering’ with was their need for privacy to do the things they were preparing to do. Whether they were right or wrong is

Trouble's back up

Trouble’s back up. Not yet old enough to shave

still open to debate.

They told the man they were giving him a lawful order. A lawful order? To get into his house and stay away from the windows. To not watch what they were about to do? Since when is that a lawful order?

Filming the police is legal in all 50 states as long as the filming does not physically interfere with officers’ ability to work. A federal appeals court recently affirmed this right, as RT reported.

Here at ‘The American Police State’, we think that the cops did not want to see the neighbors commit the crimes they were about to carry out.

What else could they possibly have to hide?


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The SWAT raid took place in the 2900 block of Northeast 23rd Street, Gresham, Oregon.