Shame on Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg for being deceitful and manipulative and not doing the right thing.

This woman is another good example of someone who only has her career in mind and defends her position in ‘The evil triad of American Justice’ – police, prosecutors, and judges.

Street-side Vagina Search

In June 2015, when Harris County Deputies William Strong and Ronaldine Pierre forced a young woman to undergo a ‘body cavity’ search on the side of the road, Kim Ogg elected not to do the right thing and persecute them.

District Attorney Kim Ogg stressed out

District Attorney Kim Ogg stressed out

Some people will say that this was a sexual assault what those two officers did, and we agree with that point of view. You can watch the video here and decide for your self.

In what appeared to be a weak attempt to appease the public, a grand jury indicted the officers.

But then, either by an act of God, or a slight of hand from someone inside the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, those charges mysteriously disappeared.

Try Again

Poof. Just like magic, they were gone.

Lo and behold, when new charges were brought before a second grand jury, those charges were dismissed.

Giddy-up with District Attorney Kim Ogg

Ever the cowgirl District Attorney Kim Ogg

Yo, District Attorney Kim Ogg, yes, you. Maybe you should have had your minions spend more time looking for those charges that disappeared instead of inventing fairy tales for the next grand jury? Cause those fairy tales just did not fly. But they weren’t supposed to, were they?

That is absolutely disgusting and, truthfully Kim, you should be ashamed of yourself and your office for letting that happen under your watch.

Or, Kim, did you have a hand in that dismissal, since all prosecutors and police officers sleep in the same bad?

Cops Set Free

And everyone knows, prosecutors do not want to take police officers to trial, even for cold-blooded murder they are let loose to kill again.

But, you are supposed to press charges against criminals, and that means criminal police officers, too.

Shame on you, Kim Ogg, for betraying the public trust and letting two criminals go free.

How would this have turned out if you were laying butt-naked on the side of the road, with your legs up in the air, and their fingers inside your vagina?


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