Deputy Shoots Dog

A video released by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy sergeant shooting a dog as it charges him.

The dog was not killed and is recovering with its owner, MCSO officials said in a news release.

The incident occurred Sunday at a home in Wittmann, which is located along U.S. 60 northwest of Sun City West. Deputies were called to the property to conduct a welfare check in the 24000 block of West Patton Road, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Sgt. Daniel McPheeters Shoots Once

Two deputies responded to the scene, Sgt. Daniel McPheeters and Deputy Fernando DeLaTorre, the Sheriff’s Office said.

MCSO deputy shoots, wounds pit bull MCSO

The Sheriff’s Office said the video, which was recorded on DeLaTorre’s body camera, shows the deputies approaching the home when they encountered what officials describe as “an aggressive pit bull,” according to the release.

The video shows McPheeters backing away from the dog, which then charges after him. As McPheeters backs away he falls to the ground, he fires at the dog, which can be seen falling still.

The owner, who was not identified, took the dog to an emergency veterinarian, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Responding To Unfounded Tip

In its statement, the Sheriff’s Office said the call to the property included a tip there could be criminal activity on the property. That tip proved unfounded.

The statement said MCSO supervisors reviewed body-cam video of the incident and concluded it supported the use of force. MCSO Office Professional Standards Bureau is also reviewing the situation, the Sheriff’s Office said in its statement. As usual. For pacification purposes. Nothing new here.

“We do care for the safety of all when we respond to these calls,” said District 3 Capt. Paul Chagolla in a prepared statement. “This is a very unfortunate situation that could have resulted in significant harm to our first responders.”


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