El Centro, CA — A video has surfaced on Facebook showing a half-dozen El Centro police officers beating a man while their K9 rips into his flesh. The El Centro Police Department has since opened an investigation, only after the video appeared on Facebook.

As the K9 is tearing into the suspect’s flesh, the cops are yelling ‘stop resisting’ as they continue the attack.

Stop Resisting

As the Free Thought Project has reported numerous times in the past, police often yell ‘stop resisting’ to suspects who are being mauled by a K9 — completely ignoring the impossible nature of remaining still as your flesh is ripped apart by an animal’s teeth.

El Centro Police administering a beat-down.

El Centro Police administering a beat-down.

To say nothing about a bunch of thugs beating you with their nightsticks.

The Video shows Elizardo Saenz, 23, being attacked by cops in El Centro, California after he led police on a high-speed chase.

Police in El Centro, California, were initially called to the 1200 Block of N. 18th St around 9.30am on Tuesday after a family reported their car had been stolen.

Later in the day, a member of the family spotted the Volkswagon nearby and again called 911.

Police located the vehicle but the driver, Elizardo Saenz, 23, refused to stop.

You have constitutional rights a police officer must respect when interacting with you. But, if he ‘fears for his life’ and shoots you dead, your constitutional rights really don’t matter.

Run Forest Run

Sanez finally exited the vehicle and ran away on foot with officers chasing him. When the cops cornered him in a parking lot the officer said he became ‘physically combative.’

Yes, of course he did. Everyone cornered by five cops and a killer K9 wants to fight their way out of it. We all know that.

After the cops beat him and let their K9 have a taste of blood they then charged him with felony possession of stolen property, felony evading with wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property, misdemeanor hit and run and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Police began investigating the incident as a possible use of excessive force after the footage surfaced on Facebook. Officers said they take this matter seriously and a thorough investigation will be conducted.

Of course, these incidents are always taken seriously and only investigated when a video goes public on social media. Until then that incident never happened.

And we’re sure that they take them very seriously. Yeah, right, as always.

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