Community Policing in Detroit

Detroit police accused of excessive force during May 31, 2017 arrest.

No, really? For the first time?

Whoever would have thought!

the american police state

Detroit Police Officers Richard Billingslea and Hakeem Patterson in action

The Detroit police officers in this video are Richard Billingslea and Hakeem Patterson. Watch them act like street thugs and intimidate D’Marco Craft and Michael Jackson as they entered a gas station.

The gang-style tactics of officers Richard Billingslea and Hakeem Patterson were caught on two separate videos; the surveillance camera in the gas station and Craft’s cell phone.

Stealing and Cheating

Because the assailants were cops, the gas station surveillance video was confiscated to hide the officers’ crimes and no one but police get to see that video.

The cops then confiscated the videos to hide their crimes, which is becoming a common police tactic now-a-days.

They say they are protecting evidence. And they are – evidence of their own crimes and wrongdoings.

Too bad for Officers Richard Billingslea and Hakeem Patterson that the cell video survived exposed the lies that the cops put into their reports.

Detroit police thugs at work

Detroit police thugs at work

You would think that now-a-days cops would quit telling Fairy Tales. The only people who believe them are police apologists. Even judges and prosecutors know the majority of police reports are works of fiction.

Luckily for Craft and Jackson that the cell phone video exposed the official police story as yet another Fairy Tale.

Billingslea was not in trouble until the cell phone video came out and is now under investigation and could be charged for assaulting Jackson.

Jackson and Craft have also filed lawsuits against the Detroit police for violating their constitutional right.

So this is what Community Policing in Detroit looks like.

And you can bet this type of community policing is occurring all across the country.


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