Torture at Cheatham County

The week, of July 30, 2017, was a very hard week for Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove. He posted a video to Facebook showing three of his deputies using their Tasers to torture a young man tied to a chair.

At the time he said it was OK what his deputies did. But after the video went viral the ‘shit storm’ that followed forced him to eat his words.

Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove

Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove

Breedlove later offered a weak apology and a non-believable Fairy Tale over Facebook. The outcry was so loud that his personal page and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department’s page vanished from Facebook.

The people’s court of Social Media found him guilty and forced him off Facebook!

But we are pleased to announce that all is good, the incident has blown over. Those pages are back online. And we have added the links in the ‘Read More’ section below.

So click on those links and go on over and say hi to him. Tell him what a great job you think he is doing.

And tell him hello from us, too. He’ll be glad to hear that. You’ll make his day. We’ve done it more than once.

At the heart of the torture complaint is the use of a Taser on Jordan Norris, who was secured in a restraint chair.

Here’s a look at the incident according to Breedlove.

Breedlove’s Weak Excuses

Jordan Norris

Jordan Norris

Norris, 18-years-old, was taken into custody last November for felony drug and weapons charges. According to the sheriff, the teen has a long criminal history and has reportedly made numerous threats against law officers.

“He made the comments if we arrested him he would shoot us or kill us,” Sheriff Mike Breedlove said.

Wow, that is really terrible. First time someone said something like that to you people?

Once in jail, Breedlove said Norris was combative and was allegedly attacking other prisoners.

“We have a duty to protect other inmates while they are in there as well,” he told News 2.

But you don’t have a duty to torture anyone!

According to Breedlove, Norris was placed in a restraint chair for his protection and the protection of others in the jail as deputies prepared to take him to a mental hospital for evaluation.

And it’s easier to torture someone when they are restraint.

Breedlove told News 2 Norris was aggressive and would not comply with jailers. He said deputies also spent a lot of time trying to calm him down and Norris reportedly repeatedly struggled to get out of the restraints.

Start the Party

After several minutes and multiple attempts to gain compliance, deputies brought out a Taser.

Jordan Norris shows his taser scars

Jordan Norris shows his taser scars

And that’s when their fun began.

Sheriff Breedlove told News 2 the department deals with “bad people” on a daily basis.

No shit, Sherlock. You people don’t sell popcorn to moviegoers.

“There are bad people, but that doesn’t mean we can violate their rights and we are not, and while I’m here, I won’t tolerate anyone’s rights being violated. I just won’t. That’s not me,” he said.

Bullshit. Quit lying.

But I didn’t …

“I didn’t watch the video when the event unfolded,” he said. “I was briefed about it, and that was my mistake. I didn’t have all the information until everything came out and then I watched the video and it was problematic, so I contacted the DA and asked for an independent investigation and he agreed, and that is where we are at – the TBI is here.”

Bullshit again.

Jordan Norris shows taser scars on arm

Jordan Norris shows taser scars on arm

Breedlove continued, “I want to make sure we address this. There is no appearance of a sheriff trying to cover something up. I have 36 years, and I am not about to tarnish my integrity and the image of the sheriff’s office. We are addressing it [and] correcting it and we will move forward.”

If some dumb ass did not post the video on Facebook no one would ever know, and life would continue as usual. So, Bullshit again.

He said he called for the TBI to investigate because he wants transparency. Breedlove also added he plans to reevaluate jail procedures in light of this incident.

He also wanted to save his ass and keep living on the public dime.

His Bullshit Continues

In a Nov. 3 post about Norris following his arrest, Breedlove wrote: “Let it be known he was going to kill any Deputy who tried to arrest him. He was armed with stolen weapons. A drug dealer by trade and on the fast track to live the Thug life.”

Mike, sorry but, the only Thugs here are you and your people.

A prosecuting attorney’s job is to put people in jail and to clear the police of any wrong-doing, and then sell it to the public.

Watch the videos and you’ll see seven people either torturing Norris or assisting those torturing him. Not one of them said “Stop! Don’t do that”.

No one. Zero.

What kind of people are these who knowingly violate someone’s human rights while wearing a badge? Cheatham County deputies and correction officers.

There are over 3,000 sheriff offices in the USA. And guaranteed, this is not the only one where incidents like this take place.

Cut From The Same Cloth

Be it in Iran, Russia, China or the USA, people who go into law enforcement all have the same mentality. The only difference is their place of birth and the language they speak.

On the upside of this incident, Mark Bryant, 39, Clarksville TN, was indicted by a Grand Jury with four counts of aggravated assault and one count

Mark Bryant

Mark Bryant

of official misconduct. Authorities arrested him and booked him into the Cheatham County Jail on $75,000 bond.

Josh Marriott and Jeff Key are two other names that popped up in the torture incident. The last we heard on them they were on Admin leave with pay. Wow. Ouch. Pass me that shot of Margarita and the sun tan lotion.

No one went to jail for this crime.

Mike, seriously, just between us, it’s time to quit.

Man-up and do the honorable thing for allowing your people to do this.

The people of Cheatham County deserve someone so much better than you and what you bring and have brought to the table.


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