Cop Road Rage Video

Police Misconduct: King County Sheriff’s Department 8/16/17. Seattle, WA.

This traffic stop happened on August 16, 2017. The person taking this film has his camera mounted on his helmet. When this film was brought to the attention of King County Sheriff John Urquhart he immediately put this detective on administrative leave and called Randall personally to apologize.

But he refuses to give the detective’s name out.

Notice in this road rage video that the detective is holding his gun on a man for a so-called traffic violation. The detective never showed identification or asked for permission to search the motorcyclist. He just helped himself to the person’s wallet, pulling it out of his front pant pocket while still holding the man at gun point.

Like Brazil Thugs

That’s what Thugs in Brazil do when pulling off an armed robbery.

And this could have been any criminal doing an armed robbery.

But in this case it was just a cop, Detective Richard Rowe, doing criminal acts he will probably never be punished for. And in a few months they’ll be laughing over it while out drinking with his comrades.

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UPDATE: Sep 2, 2017

The King County Sheriff’s Office has identified the detective who pulled his gun on a motorcyclist during a traffic stop earlier this month as Richard Rowe, 53, of the Woodinville Police Department.

If arrested, insist on a lawyer and then shut up.

From the King County Sheriff’s Office: “Rowe, who is currently assigned to the Woodinville Police Department as a detective, has been with the Sheriff’s Office for almost 19 years. (The City of Woodinville contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for police services.)”

And this is the first time something like this happened?

No, we do not think so.

No way.


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