The Lance Stevenson Story

Lance Stevenson, 41, has been a deputy prosecutor in Bannock County for two years. Before, he worked as an extern judicial clerk for Idaho Federal District Judge B. Lynn Winmill.

He grew up in Rupert and graduated from Minico High School. He then moved back to Minidoka County.

Lance Stevenson is now the Minidoka County prosecutor. He was elected in 2008 and said, “I’m really excited, I have a lot of great supporters and that’s what this is all about.”

Atta-Boy, Lance. We’re proud of you.

His campaign was centered on increasing successful prosecution of drug cases in Minidoka County.

Lance made it to our attention for prosecuting former Detective Steven Westfall and not getting a conviction on a slam dunk case.

This is not surprising. Prosecutors do not like trying police officers and will do their best not to get a conviction if it goes to court. That’s the way the game is played. Is so.

But there is more to Lance than just that.

Grievance Filed Against Lance Stevenson

The Idaho State Bar has reviewed a grievance against Minidoka County Prosecutor Lance Stevenson after a woman said Stevenson threatened and intimidated her in an attempt to scare her away from the witness stand.

The grievance accuses Stevenson of threatening to arrest and prosecute the woman if she testified in a civil asset forfeiture hearing in May.

Prosecutor Lance Stevenson's work data

Prosecutor Lance Stevenson’s work data

He did this on his own, without witnesses, or the woman’s lawyer knowing about the interview. A clear case of intimidation, since he threatened her with arrest and jail if she did testify.

As far as grievances go, Stevenson gives us his take:

“When you charge people criminally or take their things (through asset forfeiture), this is common that they try to grieve you in that way,” he said. “The fact is, it happens.”

Yeah, right. Ok. If we were brain-washed we’d believe you. But we’re not. So keep on trying, Lance, see if you can get to that perfect fairy tale everyone will believe.

Grievances like Hunter’s are especially common in civil asset forfeiture cases, Stevenson said when law enforcement agencies seize property connected to suspected drug crimes.

Lance Stevenson Threatens a Witness

Hunter’s complaint to the state bar claims Stevenson called and threatened her on May 19. On that day she was set to testify in an asset forfeiture case involving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was allegedly being used to transport methamphetamine.

Hunter was a party in the case along with James Richard Novosel. The grievance also claims the prosecutor told Hunter the call was being recorded.

“Mr. Stevenson informed me that if I got on the stand that morning he would tear me apart, file charges and have me prosecuted,” Hunter wrote in her complaint.

Transcripts from the May 19 hearing show Clayne Zollinger, the conflict public defender representing Hunter and Novosel, told Judge Jonathan Brody about the call, saying Hunter was scared to even be in the courtroom, much less take the stand to testify.

Stevenson admitted in the hearing to calling Hunter but denied threatening her and said he believed she was a witness, not Zollinger’s client.

Stevenson reiterated that position to the Times-News, saying it’s common for attorneys to call witnesses to find out the nature of their testimony. He said he believed Hunter was only a witness and not a party in the matter.

Damn, Lance. You are a terrible liar. Do you expect people to believe this? I know your mother might, but that’s about it.

Lance, you sound like pure evil. Are you sure you have the public’s best interests at heart? Or you just looking after yourself as all the others in your profession do?

And Lance, for some reason as always, we just don’t believe a word you say.

Not one word.

So shame on you for lying and cheating. Shame on you.


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