Utah Highway Patrol Officer Lisa Steed Caught Cheating

Utah Highway Patrol Officer Lisa Steed is another reason you cannot and should not trust the police. Her cheating ways caused several hundred DUI arrests in Utah to be questioned after Thomas Romero and Julie Tapia filed complaints in the U. S. District Court in Utah, alleging civil rights violations by the former Utah State Trooper Lisa Steed.

Romero says that Steed arrested him for DUI when his BAC was 0.00; Tapia says that Steed arrested her for DUI when she had not even been drinking. And these complaints raised questions in other DUI arrests Trooper Lisa Steed instigated.

Utah Highway Patrol Officer Lisa Steed

Utah Trooper Lisa Steed in happier times

This girl began working for the Utah Highway Patrol in 2002 and was known as one hard-charging-bitch. She even earned Trooper of the Year in 2007. But she really hit her peak in 2009, when she set a record of 400 DUI arrests in one year, more than double that of any other trooper. The record even earned her special recognition at the state capital. Wow!

To top this off, she was also the state’s top revenue making machine. So forget about fighting crime, go out there and get that money!

And then, ooops, it came to light that 99% of Lisa’s DUI arrests were bogus.

That one ‘Oh Shit’ wiped out all her ‘Atta-Boys’.

When something like this happens, you wonder what’s going on? How did she do this? Well, truth be told, she lied, cheated and broke the law, but all that didn’t matter to her. She wanted recognition in a male-dominated institution, and she got it. In more ways than one.

Trooper Lisa Steed Caught Lying and Cheating

Her cheating ways brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue. So it is only logical for her superiors to turn a blind eye to her civil rights violations and other crimes she was committing while bringing in the big bucks.

Her scam began to unravel in 2010 when an internal memo from Steed’s supervisor called her success “questionable”. Her arrests were based on pupil dilation or body tremors instead of breath or blood tests. Then, in 20112 while testifying in a DUI trial, Steed admitted to deliberately concealing violations of department policy; she testified that she would leave her wireless microphone in the car so that her interactions with suspects were not recorded.

Utah Highway Patrol Officer Lisa Steed Doing The Dirty

Utah Trooper Lisa Steed Doing The Dirty

Afterwards, the prosecutor refused to prosecute her cases. Steed was ultimately fired in November of 2012 for wrongfully arresting Utah residents for DUI.

Lisa Steed tried rejoining the Utah Highway Patrol, but a federal judge shut down her hopes and dreams of returning to duty.

We think she probably could have gotten her old job back because that’s the way the Law Enforcement Profession works. A cop gets in trouble, shove them out the door, and when the incidents are all but forgotten, bring her quietly back in with back pay.

Happens all the time. Fact.

But thankfully not this time. So Lisa, remember this, you got what you deserved. And think about all those lives you disrupted because you wanted fame and glory. Not that you care about anyone other than yourself. Disgusting.


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