Why Killer Cops Walk Away

This article helps explain why killer cops walk away unpunished after killing someone, whether that person they killed is innocent or not.

Prosecutors do not like taking cops to trial, for anything. Cops are part of the system a prosecutor is building his career on. And to convict a cop of a crime is detrimental to that prosecutor’s career. Avoid convictions at all costs.

the american police state

Killer cop Mitch Brailsford, his victim, Daniel Shaver.

It is better to let the cop go free, or not to get an indictment from a Grand Jury.

If an indictment is returned, then Holy Shit, do not get a conviction. Do whatever is necessary to make sure that cop walks or kiss your career goodbye.

The system will label you a traitor and blackball you. In the worse case scenario, a cop ‘fearing for his life’ will shoot you at a traffic stop. Happens. Has happened. And will happen again.

Grand Juries

As far as Grand Jurys go. No one knows what goes on inside that Grand Jury room. The prosecuting attorney can say anything, he can tell those jurors that the cop should not be prosecuted. He can read them passages from The Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales. Or they can watch movies.

They could even sit there for the entire afternoon eating pizza without discussing the case.

How would we know?

Grand Juries are a sham.

They should be abolished.

The only thing we know coming out of a Grand Jury session is what the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tells us.

And really, do you trust them to tell you the truth?


source: Why Killer Cops Walk – counterpunch.org