Wichita, Kansas.

August 2015: Wichita, Kansas Deputy Vance Williams’ mouth seems to be faster than his brain. In less than a minute he ripped apart a civilian for asking him a question about a call the deputy was on. Apparently, the rude deputy did not recognize that the device Jeff Jacobs held in his hand was a camera. We have linked to YouTube where you can watch the video and see how rude this Harper County Sheriff’s Deputy is.

You can also see how much of a bully he is. The Harper County Sheriff’s Department said, though they disapprove of his language, they do not disapprove of his bullying tactics.

It just goes to show that in Kansas they do allow their officers to blow off excessive Testosterone and act out their macho tendencies.

Actually, all police departments allow this, until they are caught on camera. Then, when caught in this ‘Oh Shit’ moment, they circle the wagons and go into damage control.

It’s a Thug’s Life

Vance Williams graduated with 55 other law officers from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center on January 15, 2016. The class was congratulated by U.S. District Court Judge Eric Melgren.

Since the video was published Deputy Vance Willimas has been suspended and apologized to the community for his lack of sensitivity.

the american police state

‘The problem is people disrespect our authority.’

“I, unfortunately, used language that I should never have used,” said Deputy Williams. “I apologize to our community, to our county, commissioners, and to our sheriff. He would never condone that behavior.”

Yeah, right.

The Wichita, Kansas deputy said he’s sorry for the exchange and says this has been a learning experience. He’s been with the department for about 6 months, after changing careers from teaching and administration. He told KSN that his inexperience contributed to his response.

Inexperience? Did he not think the video would go live? That is called stupidity and not inexperience.

But what can you expect from someone who comes from the rather dull and mundane career of teaching into the fast, exciting and brutal life of being a cop?

Just the way it is: When talking to a cop, you are his bitch.

We expect exactly what happened.

And this is why you just should not talk to the police unless you absolutely have to.

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