Harris County, Texas

June 2015: Deputy William Strong and Deputy Ronaldine Pierre stopped a motorist for allegedly rolling through a stop sign.

Within minutes after the stop they ‘smelled marijuana’, and then forced the young woman motorist to strip on the side of the road. Then they had her lay down on the ground and lift her feet up into the air.

William and his partner then performed a ‘body cavity’ search on the woman motorist for 11 minutes. On the side of the road. Within sight of passing traffic.

They did not use gloves.

In other words, they searched her vagina for marijuana out in the open for everyone to see. Or, as they called it, performing a “vaginal cavity search”.

The public outcry became so loud that Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez finally had to issue a statement:

“Harris County Sheriff’s Office policy prohibits deputies from conducting strip searches without a warrant. In cases in which a warrant is obtained, strip searches may be conducted in a private, sanitary and appropriate facility.”

Despite the fact that none of the standard procedures listed by Gonzalez were followed by either one of the deputies on the scene, neither of those officers were charged, or even fired for their illegal actions.


But what we would like to know is:

William, what is the matter with you, boy. Every high school junior knows that what you did is just wrong. And downright illegal.

the american police state

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

What was going through your head, boy?

You didn’t even have the decency to shield your perversion from passing traffic.

And you were dumb enough to do it in front of your squad cars cam recorder.

How stupid can you get?

You could have at least took her to a hospital, a doctor’s office, or dragged her behind the gas station, you knucklehead.

Do you know what the word ‘decency’ means?

Does the phrase ‘Search Warrant’ ring any bells with you?

If it wasn’t for District Attorney Kim Ogg making sure you would not be indicted you would be in jail. So you better be sending her Christmas cards every year.

And what would your mother say about all this?

Does she know?

Did you tell her?

How would you like it if a couple of cops laid her down on the side of the road and put their fingers up inside her pussy?


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