Shame on him for telling ‘Police Fairy Tales’

July 2013. Miami, Fl.

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta is a public information officer at the Miami-Dade Police Department. Watch this video of him at work telling ‘Police Fairy Tales’. Afterwards, you’ll have to agree that he can work at any Ministry of Propaganda.

What are ‘Police Fairy Tales’? These are stories police departments tell the public to clean themselves of any wrongdoing. After an incident happens, the longer the wait for an official statement, the better the ‘Police Fairy Tale’.

They are most common after cops shoot someone. Or when they get caught doing something ordinary people go to jail for.

In this case, the ‘Police Fairy Tale’ is released after Miami-Dade cops wrestled a 12-year-old kid to the ground for making ‘Demonic Faces’ at them.

Demonic Faces

Yep, ‘Demonic Faces’. And Miami-Dade cops considered the threat of these faces so dangerous that they had to subdue the kid. In the process, they injured his puppy.

But cops really don’t care about that. They shoot and kill people’s dogs all the time.

Anyhow, his description of how his fellow officers neutralized a threat from a young child making ‘Demonic Faces’ at cops is totally unbelievable.

The Taliban

From his countenance and tone of voice, it sounds like he is describing how his thugs took down a threat from a major Taliban commander.

Apparently, Alvaro believes that civilians are not very intelligent and will swallow whatever ‘Police Fairy Tale’ he has to say. It is this kind of military style talk and thinking that alienates us from them.

If you want to know about Zabaleta, to include his LinkedIn pages where he is posing with a real hot little honey blonde, check out the links below. We also have a button to his Tweeter Feed.

The disgusting part of this is that he expects us to believe him and that it’s ok that his comrades manhandled a little kid.

And Alvaro, no, it is not ok to do this to a child, no matter how many funny or demonic faces he makes at you.

If you don’t believe us, go ask your mother.


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