Baltimore, MD. Feb 25, 2017

What you see in this video is 2 Baltimore County police officers assaulting 16-year-old Alonzo Cox, who had just been the victim of a knife assault, according to witnesses. And once pinned to the ground, the cops shout ‘I’ll Punch You Again’!

There is no reason to see what happened before the film started. That is irrelevant.

‘I’ll Punch You Again’

What is not irrelevant is the way this cop just comes and jumps on this kid and starts beating him. That is criminal. And of course, the cop is shouting ‘Stop Resisting! Stop Resisting!’

This incident seems to be a flash in the pan. The only time it has appeared in the news is when it happened. Nowhere are the names of the two police officers published, unfortunately. But this is a typical ploy police departments use to keep wearing a white vest.

Wife Beaters: Statistics show that 1 in 4 women in the US is a victim of domestic violence, those numbers jump to 1 in 2 if they are married to a cop. Historian John Emerich Edwards Dalberg-Acton is quoted as saying: Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is especially true among police officers. Sociopaths like to assert authority over other people, so it is no surprise that there are higher concentrations of sociopaths within law enforcement.

Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Double The National Rate, Still Receive Promotions –

Even the typical Fairy Tale coming from the police department has not surfaced anywhere in the news, that we could find.

However, the BPD did defend the unnamed cops actions and said they were perfectly correct in reacting to this threat the way they did. You can read more about it by clicking on one of the Read More buttons below.

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