July 23, 2014. Greenbelt, MD. – A man representing himself in a Maryland court was shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity through a Stun-Cuff attached to his ankle on the judge’s order because he continued to speak when the judge ordered him to stop.

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Judge Robert C. Nalley and Delvon King, not the best of friends

In the court, Delvon King attempted to make his case but was constantly interrupted by the judge who repeatedly told him to be quiet. When King continued to make his case to the court, Judge Nalley told the court deputy “Mr. Sheriff, do it… use it,” at which point 50,000 volts of electricity were sent through King’s body, causing him to scream in pain. The court transcript read, “DEFENDANT SCREAMS.”

Judge Robert Nalley pleaded guilty to depriving the defendant of his civil rights.

After pleading guilty, Nalley was facing up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $100,000. Because he is a judge that never happened. He will only pay a $5,000 fine.

the american police state

Judge Nalley, right, with his lawyer, Robert C. Bonsib, birds of a feather flocking together.

Let’s do the math: Nalley deprived the man of his civil rights and ordered his bailiff to torture him by tasering him in court. And that comes to, after the eye-wash for public consumption, a meager $5,000 fine and no jail time.

Robert Nalley does not wear a white shirt.

In 2010, he pleaded guilty to tampering with a vehicle after he deflated the tire of a cleaning woman’s car that was parked in a restricted zone at the courthouse. That restricted zone belonged to him.

Now that is funny. We at The American Police State can see him sneaking around the parking lot and then getting down on his hands and knees to let the air out by placing a pen or other sharp instrument into the tire’s valve.

How old is this guy? In Junior High School it could pass as almost an acceptable form of behavior. But hey, the guy is a judge, doesn’t he know any better?

Obviously not.

About a month after the ‘shock’ incident became public, in September 2014, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, banned the 72-year-old Nalley from the bench. The court did not state the reason, but said it had found “good cause” to take the action.

And the bailiff who carried out orders without blinking an eye? We don’t know if he was charged as an accessory, but probably not seeing as how we know the inner workings of the courts and law enforcement agencies.

Just following orders, sir. That lame excuse sure does sound familiar.

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