June 2105. Houston, Texas – The account of a woman who was raped by police on the side of the road after a traffic stop turned into a horrific public “cavity search,” because officers claimed they “smelled marijuana”, has finally gained enough attention for the local sheriff to issue a response.

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Ed Gonzalez was elected Sheriff of Harris County

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez released a statement on Facebook, which reminded the public of the department’s perspective on the incident when it referred to the victim of the horrendous treatment as “a female suspect” in the first sentence.

When Charnesia Corley, a 21-year-old African American college student with no criminal history, was first stopped, she was only suspected of running a stop sign.

Within minutes after the traffic stop, Harris County Deputies William Strong and Ronaldine Pierre claimed they “smelled marijuana” on Corley, which, in their highly trained opinion, served as justification for their decision to strip off her clothes in public, force her to lay on the side of the road with her ankles in the air, and to spend over 10 minutes raping her—or as they called it, performing a “vaginal cavity search”—all because they claimed that they smelled a hint of an illegal plant.

They found nothing.

And they did this on the side of the road. Within sight of passing motorists.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez released a statement, which sounds like all other statements released to appease the general public. We call these statements ‘Fairy Tales’.

Here is a part of Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez’s Fairy Tale: “I understand and respect the community’s concerns regarding the parking lot search of a female suspect during a June 2015 traffic stop. I want to be emphatically clear that today’s Harris County Sheriff’s Office is fully committed to ensuring that every resident of our community is treated with dignity and respect, even if they are suspected of committing a crime. We hold the public’s trust as sacred, and we will always strive to be worthy of that trust.”

You can read more about this issue by clicking on the ‘Read More’ buttons. If you do, you will get an honest look at the mentality of police in America and the tactics they use with impunity.

District Attorney Kim Ogg and her Assistant District Attorney Natasha Sinclair must think we are really stupid and will believe everything and anything they say. That thinking comes from years of spinning Fairy Tales to a believing and non-protesting public.

We can only wonder what was going on in these cop’s head when they were doing this? Certainly not protecting and serving.

Maybe acting out some sexual fantasies?


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