July 2014. Sandpoint, Idaho.

<h3>Police Officer Michael Valenzuela</h3>

35-year-old Jeanetta Riley was shot and killed by Sandpoint Police Officer Michael Valenzuela and Officer Skylar Ziegler outside the Bonner General Hospital.

She had been taken there by her husband who said she was suicidal struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Once at the hospital, her husband, Shane Riley, told a receptionist that his wife was outside with a knife and asked her to call 911.

the american police state

Prosecuting Attorney Barry McHugh

Within seconds after police arrived they shot her dead.

Five shots were fired. Three hit her in the torso and one penetrated her heart. While laying on the ground the cops then handcuffed her as she bled out and died.

Instead of de-escalating the situation, Officer Michael Valenzuela ‘feared for his life’ and ‘decided to pull the trigger’. Ziegler recalled seeing Valenzuela’s muzzle flash and felt himself “like following through with my trigger”.

Some people say she got what she deserved.

No, she did not. No one deserves to be shot down by police officers acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioners.

In November of that year, the officers who killed Jeanetta were cleared of wrongdoing by a local prosecutor. This comes as no surprise.

Bonner County Prosecutor Barry McHugh said: “Officers were faced with a quickly evolving set of circumstances that left them convinced the Ms. Riley had the intent to use the knife to do them great bodily harm and had the ability to do so.”

Same old song-and-dance. Same old bullshit. And cops cure another case of mental illness with bullets.

Thanks for nothing, Barry McHugh. Do your job next time.


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