Jul 8, 2014. Sandpoint, Idaho.

‘Jeanetta Riley was never going to be the kind of victim to elicit sympathy in a small, conservative town like Sandpoint. A Native American who was addicted to methamphetamine and alcohol, her life seemed in a downward spiral in the months leading up to her death on 8 July 2014.’

Police Officers Michael Valenzuela and Skylar Ziegler were called to Bonner General Hospital where a pregnant woman, 35-year-old Jeanetta Riley, was being treated for mental health issues.

Within 15 seconds of arriving Officer Michael Valenzuela, 27, sprung out of his patrol car and, carrying an AR-15 assault rifle, together with Officer Skylar Ziegler, 29, approached the woman with their weapons pointed at her.

Killed with 5 shots

It took only seconds for them to assess the situation and decide Jeanetta Riley must die. Valenzuela then shot her three times with his assault rifle and Ziegler shot her twice with his .40-caliber Glock.

They killed her and her fetus on the spot, giving the Sandpoint Police Department their first double kill for the year.

And after shooting her, instead of applying first aid, they handcuffed her.

We watched the video and why they used lethal force is a mystery to us, but we know that American police officers do use bullets as a common cure for mental illnesses.

Why subdue someone with mental issues when it’s easier to kill them on the spot? Cops are too busy arresting criminals and fighting crime and have no time to show compassion and help someone out. Ain’t that right, guys?

the american police state

Jeanetta Riley

Jeanetta Riley did have mental health issues. And yes, on this day she was suicidal and had a blood alcohol level of 0.33 and methamphetamine in her system, but that was no reason to kill her.

The department cleared their officers “of any criminal wrongdoing,” claiming they followed all proper procedures. So, in Sandpoint, Idaho, it is ok to shoot dead a pregnant woman standing outside a hospital and holding a knife 13 seconds after making contact with her.

Bring it on

In the video when the police tell her to drop the knife, she says: ‘Fuck you. Bring it on’.

And they did.

They brought it on and shot her dead.


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