The only way to stop police from brutalizing American citizens is to go after their enablers — prosecutors and judges at the city, county and state level.

These are the powers behind the scenes, those who do not punish police officers unless their crimes of torture, brutality, and murder raise such a loud public protest that they have to act.

It is common for prosecutors who never lose a case not to get a judgment against a police officer for murdering, torturing or beating someone, let alone a Grand Jury indictment. In all but a few very rare instances the cop goes free to do it again.

Why is that? Is the prosecutor losing these on purpose? Yes, they are losing on purpose. There is no other way to say it. It is so.

And, technically, that makes them accessories to the crime.

They put on a masquerade for those people who still believe the propaganda, who have not yet been manhandled or beaten, and then they shrug at the TV cameras and say, ‘well, we tried our best but the Grand Jury didn’t indict’, or ‘we really thought we had them, the jury acquitted.’

Yeah, right.

When a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, why can’t he indict a police officer who has murdered someone, or beat someone to a bloody pulp to have that person die later in the hospital?

It is because of the Evil Triad ruling over the American Justice System – police officers, prosecutors, and judges. They all sleep in the same bed and depend on each other for their livelihoods. And this Triad will not be broken apart because there is too much power and money going into their hands.

And you and what rights you have left pay the price for being inattentive and not speaking out.

For anyone of those three branches of the Evil Triad to say yes, we are here to serve and protect you, and then actually do it, that’s not going to happen.

Listen to their lies when you see them on TV.

Listen to the fairy tales they spin when caught doing wrong.

Listen to their silence as they try to cover up an incident.

People who have had run-ins with the system know it is true. Those other good people who have been brainwashed since entering the public school system will not open their eyes to the truth until it punches them in the face.

But then it will be too late.

What the police do to American citizens is no different than what the police in Russia and Iran do to their people.

The only difference is that the Evil Triad, with help from the media, washes it with red, white and blue soap and tells the people this is an isolated instance and not the norm.


Police brutality, beatings, lying in court, setting up a person with false evidence, and even murder, are the norms of policing in the USA. It is not the exception. It is the American way of justice.

What you see on TV and the Internet is only the tip of a vilified police system that takes cares of its own.

The majority of victims do not vote, or cannot vote, in local elections. We do not condone violence, but we do condone the Slut Shaming of police officers, prosecutors and judges who betray the people they are sworn to protect.

Put their names out there. Always.

Film them. Always.

Protest against them. Always

If you have the information about a judge, a prosecutor, a police chief, or a law officer going thug, then send it to us and we will consider publishing it for the whole world to see.

If you have anything to contribute you can find us on Facebook at: American Thuggs.

Why are we doing this?

Look at the pictures on this site. Watch the movies on this site.

That is why we do this. No Justice, no Peace.

I did not spend 6 years in the US military to defend this way of life, where police officers ride around in armored fighting vehicles and kill and beat people with impunity.

And then a prosecutor shrugs and says, ‘The Grand Jury would not indict’. Well, since the grand juries are top secret hearings, how do we know the prosecutor even went to a grand jury?

It is now time to speak out, and for everyone against a militarized police state to speak out and protest.

It is a sad state of affairs that a country that promotes democracy and freedom of speech around the world like the USA does, has to rely on a militarized police force to oppress and terrorize its own citizens.

More people are incarcerated in the USA than any other country in the world. And that includes N. Korea, Russia, and China.

It is so.


The Editor