Point Blank, Texas. A Sheriff’s Deputy, 26-year-old Chase Welch, has shot and wounded a 48-year-old man after being on the job for only 2 days.

Before working as a Sheriff Deputy he worked as a cop at the Beaumont Police Department, starting in January 2012

While working as a cop, he shot and killed two men in two separate instances. To get this many kills at such an early age he must have a finely-tuned nose for finding the real bad-ass criminals before more experiences cops do.

At one of these killings, Chase was off-duty and at a bar when he heard there was trouble brewing outside. Using his police training, he took matters into his own hands and shot dead 23-year-old Chaz York on October 14, 2016. Chase used his Glock 27 .40-caliber handgun and shot eight times at York from 15 feet away.

On March 5, 2016, Chase Welch shot and killed a suicidal 22-year-old Herbert Balance IV. Chase used a scoped rifle for getting this kill. Balance was holding a stolen handgun to his own head when Chase Welch beat him to the draw and shot Balance. The bullet went into the back of Balance’s mouth, exited out through his scalp and then struck a neighboring trailer.

This is what Police Departments across the USA describe as a ‘good shoot’.

the american police state

Killer Cop Chase Welch

In both of these kills, Chase was found not guilty and continued his job as a cop. This is not surprising. What is surprising is if he was found guilty. We blame the prosecutor for this breach of justice because they are reluctant to go against a member of America’s ‘Dirty Triad of Justice’.

And then, living life to the fullest, Beaumont city paid a $ 5,000 settlement to a man who filed a federal lawsuit against Chase Welch because he threatened to shoot the man’s dog. Chase was not disciplined, but he was suspended three times within two years for failing to report damage equipment in his patrol car. And there are a couple other traffic issues he was involved in August 2014.

Small stuff. Not as exciting as shooting someone.

The FBI states that a serial killer is someone who has killed 3 or more people. When Chase Welch gets his third kill, will he be considered a serial-killer, or a damn good cop?

the american police state

Chase Welch’s Wyatt Earp Award for August 2017

Even though it is only the middle of the month, Chase Welch, 26-years-old, gets our Wyatt Earp award for outstanding police work and being a credit to American Combat Policing for the month of August 2017.


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