Shame on him for shooting to death an unarmed teenager and wounding another!

November 6, 2016. Columbus, Georgia. After a high-speed chase that started in Columbus, GA, and ended in Phenix City, with speeds reaching up to 100 mph, Officer Allan Brown shot 17-year-old Christian Andrew Redwine to death. After Christian’s car spun off the road, Alan Brown exited his squad car and, in fear of his life, shot 11 rounds into the car driven by Christian. He then reloaded and shot 10 more times into the car.

There were two other passengers in the car: Hannah Wuenschel, 18, and 19-year old Hunter Tillis. Hannah was shot and if you watch the video, you can hear her pleading for Allan Brown to stop shooting.

Allan Brown did not stop shooting until his second clip was empty. You can hear Allan Brown bragging to another officer in the video on how he ‘took him out’, referring to an unarmed, 17-year-old Christian Andrew Redwine.

Officer Allan Brown was cleared of any wrongdoing by a grand jury. This again is a clear signal that officers can shoot and kill people at will, whenever they want, as long as they say ‘I feared for my life’. So if you wear a badge and carry a gun on your hip you can get away with murder. Is so. It’s part of the American way of life.

Since killing one teen and wounding two others, Allan Brown has resigned from the police force that gave him a license to kill.

Alan, what we would like to know is: How can you be in fear for your life when they are driving away from you and you had enough time to reload and fire another clip into that car?

You may make a good dog catcher, but as a cop you suck.


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