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Habersham County SWAT Team Flash-Banged a Baby

“Without Habersham Deputy Sheriff Nikki Autry's false statements, there was no probable cause to search the premises for drugs or to make the arrest,” acting U.S. Attorney John Horn said Wednesday. “And in this case, the consequences of the unlawful search were tragic.”


- cops who kill

Police Chiefs & Sheriffs

- natural born Wyatt Earps

Sheriff Mike Breedlove and Torture

Watch the videos and you’ll see seven people either torturing Norris or assisting those torturing him. Not one of them said “Stop! Don’t do that. This is not right”. No one. What kind of people are these who knowingly violate someone’s human rights while wearing a badge? Cheatham County deputies and correctional officers.

Thugs & Hero Wannabes



- killed or beaten by cops

Victim – Jeanetta Riley shot and killed by Idaho police

Bonner County Prosecutor Barry McHugh said: “Officers were faced with a quickly evolving set of circumstances that left them convinced the Ms. Riley ... would do them great bodily harm." Same old song-and-dance. Same old bullshit. And cops cure another case of mental illness with bullets.

District Attorneys

Shame on Prosecutor Lance Stevenson

Stevenson reiterated that position to the Times-News, saying it’s common for attorneys to call witnesses to find out the nature of their testimony. He said he believed Hunter was only a witness and not a party in the matter. Damn, Lance. You are a terrible liar.

Police Killings Continue – Body Count 2018: 51

Just doing my job

Just doing my job

Community Policing with Lee County Deputies Scott Hill and Kenneth Sherman

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It is your right to film cops

the american police state

Filming Cops Is Your Right

Welcome to America. Go directly to jail.

the american police state

The Statue of Liberty in a Police State