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Gresham, Oregon SWAT Raid

The Gresham, Oregon SWAT Raid took place on Sep. 2104 and the locals are still talking about it. Lawful Orders “Stay Inside!” “Stay away from your windows!” “These are lawful orders!” So said the Gresham, Oregon Police through...

Just the way it is - When talking to a cop, he sees you as his bitch.
Fact. Police officers are trained to yell "Stop Resisting" as a pretext to justify using force and violence when arresting a suspect.


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Police Chiefs & Sheriffs

- natural born Wyatt Earps

Sheriff Mike Breedlove and Torture

Watch the videos and you’ll see seven people either torturing Norris or assisting those torturing him. Not one of them said “Stop! Don’t do that. This is not right”. No one. What kind of people are these who knowingly violate someone’s human rights while wearing a badge? Cheatham County deputies and correctional officers.



- killed or beaten by cops

District Attorneys

District Attorney Kim Ogg

Shame on you, Kim Ogg, for betraying the public trust and letting two criminal cops go free. How would this have turned out if you were laying butt-naked on the side of the road, with your legs up in the air, and their fingers inside your vagina?

Police Killings Continue – Body Count 2018: 63

I said, stay in your car, sir

I said, stay in your car, sir

Community Policing with Lee County Deputies Scott Hill and Kenneth Sherman

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It is your right to film cops

the american police state

Filming Cops Is Your Right

Welcome to America. Go directly to jail.

the american police state

The Statue of Liberty in a Police State